Flash Stock Group - is one of the largest distributor of wholesale clothing, exported over twenty countries worldwide. Specializing on an eCommerce segment and provide to buyers a detailed excel specification stock lists as well as our own high-quality images for all inventory.
  Leading wholesale more 50 manufacturers from Turkey. Shipping directly to warehouse in 48 hours. Block stock on over 50 000 pcs product and work under dropshipping method.  
  Represented brands differ in style, size and materials used, which will meet the needs of our customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

   Besides we have established long-term partnerships with more than 50-th apparel, home textile & accessories manufacturers in standard and large sizes, which give us the exclusive right to sell their goods at factory wholesale prices, also thanks this allows us to ensure the quality and originality of the products, as well as the availability, production and delivery of orders. 

 The main distinguishing idea of our company is striving to meet the dynamics of the market, where we can offer selected products and best possible service online for wholesale purchases. Flash Stock Group ready to meet all your demands for e-commerce. Our team are professionals who will do everything possible to make you satisfied with our work!